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NFT Games That Got Potential – Top 8

Do you want to learn more about some of the NFT games that have much potential?  You have come to the right place because today I will give you all the details of why you will fall in love with these 8 NFT games.

League Of Ancients

League Of Ancients is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena built on the Binance Smart Chain that is free to play. Defense Of The Ancients and League Of Legends were inspirations for the game. The developers hope to make this the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile game. The LOA token is the League Of Ancients game token. Each match in the League Of Ancients will begin with two opposing teams of five players. 

Each player must work as a team, using strategy and skills to destroy their opponent’s base while defending their own. The more matches a player takes part in, the more experience they will gain and the more token rewards they will receive. Sponsors and players using LOA tokens can easily organize tournaments with attractive prize money. Follow their Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest developments.

NFT Games That Got Potential

The Last War

The Last War is a strategy and village-building game hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. This game is playable on mobile devices and browsers. It will feature a campaign in the player versus environment (PVE) mode and also player versus player (PVP) mode. The number of rewards available will increase as the game progresses and the village improves. To play, you must have at least one hero. The game’s heroes are the NFT protagonists.

At the moment, the demo is available for download. It focuses on teaching the fundamentals and providing a general overview of the project. In its first playable version, all designs, interfaces, and mechanics will get changed or polished. Please keep in mind that the demo will not be online. The PVE or PVP modes are not yet active but will be soon. In the demo, you won’t be able to save your progress or earn money. The Last War will go to beta on February 15th. The launch of the play-to-earn game will follow shortly after. Follow them on Twitter if you would like to find out their initial game launch date.

The Last War

Calo Metaverse

Calo Metaverse combines inventive technology like augmented reality, virtual reality, and metaverse to create a one-of-a-kind blockchain environment for fitness enthusiasts. To improve the sports practice experience, this future fitness app combines blockchain, augmented reality, and virtual reality technologies with fitness and sports. They use this to motivate people to exercise frequently and improve their health. This application also helps users earn money. By consuming calories, while participating in the Calo app challenge, users earn tokens. With these tokens, they can buy, sell, or swap products or NFTs. 

Calo’s challenging system enables users to set goals for themselves, which encourages them to exercise more. When users complete the challenge, they will receive a prize. These prizes can be tokens or NFT products. The fat token keeps track of rewards and daily physical training activities. Calo app users can use their Calo tokens and fat tokens earned through physical activity to exchange valuable items from the app’s fitness marketplace system or products from sponsors. Currently, they have over 120K followers in their Twitter community.

NFT Games That Got Potential


In the NFT space, Pegaxy is a horse racing simulation game. It’s more like gambling, and the links for such gambling have never been stronger than they are with Pegaxy. All you have to do is put your money down, enter your horse in a race, and hope that your horse finishes in the top three to win a cash prize. You can play this game in your browser on your PC or Mac. Even though the larger part of the market is declining, Pegaxy’s gaming token is still booming. Pegaxy’s key characteristics include speed, strength, lightning, wind, water, and fire. 

The strength of all these character traits contributes to or improves a Pegax’s chances of winning are based on how well each of their matches performs with the random attributes of the host stadium. The NFTs in the game are absolutely amazing, and there are plenty of them. A minimum of two NFTs is required for breeding. The game includes two in-game tokens and also a marketplace. Vigorus is the main in-game coin you’ll receive after winning the race (VIS). Pegaxy Stones are another type of governance token (PGX). They are both required for breeding. The Pegaxy game takes a play-to-learn approach, which helps to expand considerably for the NFT’s future value. The simulation is fantastic and provides a massive range of opportunities to engage and earn money. Join their Discord and Twitter to keep up to date with all the exciting developments.

Pegaxy Website Image


Plutonians is a blockchain-powered virtual reality (VR) metaverse, MMORPG, and NFT ecosystem built on the Solana blockchain. It is fundamental, with user-editable levels, content, and a story that incorporates the best content into the master narrative. Plutonians is a persistent state web 3 video game with an underlying framework of primitives designed to allow the graphical layer to be reimagined by the community if desired. 

This opens the door to platforms like a mobile, tablet, AR, VR, and many others. This upcoming game on Solana will be massive, thanks to leading partners and a capable team. They will hold their first private round on February 11th, followed by an initial game offering on February 12th. These will both take place on the Seedify Launchpad. Plutonians currently got a playable demo ready for their fans to try out. Please follow them on Twitter for their latest news and developments.

NFT Games That Got Potential


This is a new epic play-to-earn metaverse that allows people to begin playing and earning right away. Affyn will be a mobile metaverse with a digital overlay mapped to the actual world, allowing users to explore play, and take part in activities in their immediate vicinity. The NFTs are called buddies, and players can construct structures on Nexus land. This is a virtual representation of real estate that is mapped to the physical world. Other special features that are available include the ability to use their in-game token FYN to pay for real-world goods and services. In Nexus Land, there will also be campaigns and activities for everyone to enjoy. Affyn will be available in 2022. Check out their Twitter page to stay up to date.

NFT Games That Got Potential

Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game with a well-developed in-game economy based on tokens. The crypto game features a vast world filled with various lands, creatures, and entertainment. Your aim is to advance through each level, crash officials, and gain as much experience as possible. You can engage in PVP battles against real people. Forest Knight will reward you with NFTs and valuable items for completing each quest after reaching level 6.

The game at present has over 100 items, with more on the way. You can also assemble a team of knights with a variety of skills and fighting styles. There will also be various opportunities to develop and govern your city’s economy. Just make sure your citizens receive enough food and other necessities. You will also need to eat to defend your city from monsters and dragons, so load up on armor and military weapons.

Forest Knight


Etermon is one of the major NFT games on the chart for February 2022. The nicest aspect of the game is it has a demo available, which allows you to watch some rated PVP. Although the tactics are unknown, you can level up your NFTs. The graphic design is rather attractive, and there will be some mission shops and bags in the game. There will be a geographical map in the game where you can embark on adventures and play different levels. This method is the same as the adventure mode in Axie. You can see the various attacks and abilities that are being used throughout the game.

The game has a lot of chatter, which is why the developers have already sold out 500 boxes by January 24th, 2022. Etermon makes use of blockchain technology and is a play-to-earn and trade-to-earn game. They geared the game up to be a fantastic adventure, with some Etermon catching and training thrown in for good measure. All of Etermon’s has much potential and a lot of uniqueness for players to discover. According to the roadmap, Etermon’s initial step will take place in the first quarter of 2022. Following that, the public sale will begin, the marketplace will open, and they will release the game.


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