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Horizon Forbidden West: A Beautiful World to Get Lost In

Horizon Forbidden West Review: A Beautiful World to Get Lost In

Forbidden West Review: Aloy’s Journey in Horizon Forbidden West The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is back, and Aloy is once again leading the charge. In the much-anticipated sequel, Forbidden West, we see our favorite hero taking on a new challenge – one that pushes her to the brink of her abilities.

Horizon Forbidden West Overview

The Blight, a red plague that is infecting the world’s wildlife and foliage, is spreading rapidly, and Aloy is determined to find a solution. Her quest leads her westward, towards California – a land that has been deemed forbidden by the Carja due to the violent Tanakth occupying the region.
Despite her previous achievements, Aloy is a stranger in this new setting, but she’s not alone.

Her companions from the first game, Varl, and Erend, are there to lend a hand. However, the weight of her mission is taking its toll, and Aloy finds herself distancing herself from her friends.

As she becomes embroiled in the infighting of the Tenakth and a rebel tribe run by a warmonger named Regalla, Aloy’s journey takes her on a massive adventure that widens the scope of the game’s sci-fi setting much further than the previous game.

Horizon Forbidden

At the start of the game, Aloy is running from social connections, preferring a solitary existence to avoid burdening others with the weight of her mission. But as the story progresses, Aloy’s journey becomes one of reconnection with humanity and forming new friendships.

Forbidden West introduces new and exciting characters to Aloy’s inner circle, like Zo, a fierce personality from a peaceful tribe, and Kotallo, a brooding warrior dealing with the recent loss of an arm. Each character brings a unique perspective, fleshing out the world of Forbidden West and making it feel alive.

In conclusion, Horizon Forbidden West is a fantastic sequel that brings Aloy’s journey to new heights. It’s a story about personal growth, reconnection with humanity, and the power of friendship. With its fantastic characters, rich world-building, and engaging story, Horizon Forbidden West is a must-play for fans of the original game and newcomers alike.

Explore the Rich Character Development in Horizon Forbidden West

If you’re a fan of the Horizon series, you’re in for a treat with the newest installment, Forbidden West. While the first game focused on Aloy’s journey to save the world, the sequel delves deeper into her character and relationships. Aloy is on a quest to find a cure for the Blight, a red plague that’s devastating the wildlife and foliage of the world. Her journey takes her to the Forbidden West, where she’s met with new challenges and allies.

One of the most striking features of Forbidden West is the focus on character development. As you travel through the game, you’ll spend hours talking to your companions. While the story is linear, the dialogue options allow you to form deep relationships with the characters. The animation is exceptional, bringing the characters to life and making their reactions to Aloy feel genuine.

Horizon Forbidden West review

The moments when you see characters talk to each other are some of the most impressive in the game. The emotion conveyed on their faces makes the stakes of the plot feel real. When you come back to base, your friends will have something to say about events, cementing the importance of your mission. You’re not just told about the threat Regalla and her rebels pose to the region, you see the fear and anger it evokes in those around you.

The choices you make may be small, but they have a big impact on the world around you. Even minor characters will update their dialogue based on your actions, making these friendships feel tangible. By grounding you in the world, the NPCs’ dialogue brings you closer to the characters in the game. You’re not just an observer, you’re part of the world and the story.

Forbidden West is a game that’s more than just an open-world action game. It’s a game that puts a premium on character development, relationships, and emotional depth. With its exceptional animation, well-written dialogue, and attention to detail, it’s a game that will make you care about its characters and the world they inhabit.

The Beauty and Attention to Detail

You know what they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and in the case of Horizon Forbidden West, it’s impossible not to see the beauty in it. The game’s world is an absolute stunner, condensed but still vast enough to make us feel like we’re exploring a full-fledged world. Guerrilla Games did an incredible job of capturing the essence of the southwest USA, from the rocky mountains to the desolate deserts, and everything in between.

But what sets Horizon Forbidden West apart from other open-world games is the attention to detail. It’s the little things that make the world come alive – the way the foliage sways in the breeze or how the sun reflects off the snow. The world feels so dynamic, and the ever-changing weather and climate make it even more immersive.

Forbidden West 7

Of course, this isn’t a peaceful world, and that’s where the mechanical creatures come in. These creatures are simply awe-inspiring, and seeing them roam the world is a sight to behold. It’s not just their appearance that impresses us though; it’s how they interact with the environment. Seeing a Fireclaw burst out of the woods, leaving a trail of flames behind it, is a moment we won’t soon forget.

It’s the seamless integration of the mechanical and the natural that sets Horizon Forbidden West apart. These two worlds mix and interact in such a way that it makes the world feel like a cohesive whole. All in all, Horizon Forbidden West is a visual masterpiece, and we can’t wait to see what Guerrilla Games has in store for us next.

Movement and Control Issues in Horizon Forbidden West

While Horizon Forbidden West is a stunning game to look at, I have to admit that navigating the world can be a bit of a hassle. Aloy’s movements can be finicky and imprecise, leading to frustrating moments where she fails to grab onto a ledge or gets snagged on the scenery. Even with the ability to fine-tune your movement settings, it can be difficult to get Aloy to do exactly what you want her to do.

This becomes even more of an issue when you’re riding a mount, as they can be difficult to control and can easily get stuck on objects in the environment. This is a problem because exploration and platforming are such big parts of the game. It’s a shame because the world is so beautifully crafted, but it can be hard to enjoy it fully when you’re struggling with the controls.

That being said, I don’t think this issue completely ruins the game. It’s more of a minor annoyance that can hold you back from fully immersing yourself in the experience. It’s just frustrating when so much work has gone into making the game look and feel so great, but the controls can be a stumbling block. Hopefully, in future games, Guerrilla Games can fine-tune the movement system to make it feel more fluid and responsive.

Horizon Forbidden West 8

Combat Mechanics and Strategy

Combat in Horizon Forbidden West is a highlight of the game, with a satisfying level of depth and strategy required to take down the massive mechanical beasts that roam the world. While fighting human rebels can become repetitive, the battles against machines require careful planning and quick reflexes.

The elemental weaknesses of the machines add another layer of strategy to combat, as you need to recognize their vulnerabilities and exploit them with your arsenal of weapons and traps. It’s a rewarding feeling when you finally take down a giant creature after a hard-fought battle, and the ability to override these machines and have them fight alongside you is an impressive spectacle.

Watching two massive creatures battle it out while you hide in the grass is a reminder of just how small and vulnerable you are in this world. However, the combat is not without its drawbacks, with battles sometimes feeling drawn out and difficult, especially in the early game when you are still weak.

Overall, the combat in Horizon Forbidden West is a fun and engaging experience that adds to the overall enjoyment of the game. It’s worth taking the time to master the mechanics and learn the weaknesses of the machines you encounter.

Horizon Battle

Final Verdict

Overall, Horizon Forbidden West is a game that can be both awe-inspiring and frustrating. While the movement and traversal mechanics can be clunky and imprecise, the game’s world-building and attention to detail are breathtaking. The combat against the machines is where the game truly shines, with a surprising amount of depth to master. It’s also impressive to watch machines fight alongside you when you’ve successfully overridden them.

However, what sets Horizon Forbidden West apart is its characters and the human story it tells. Despite the game’s impressive scale and visuals, it’s the time spent with the characters that justify the need for a sequel to Zero Dawn. The story is about reconnecting with what is truly important in life – the people around us.

In the end, Horizon Forbidden West may have its flaws, but it comes together as an impressive and cohesive whole. If you can look past the frustrations of movement and traversal, there is a world of wonder and an engaging story waiting to be explored.

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