Gala Games Invests $5 Billion Into NFT Expansion | Snoop Dogg Joins Gala

This article will discuss Gala Games’ $5 billion dollars NFT expansion investment. Where is that money going, we’ll also discuss their strategic partnership with the legend Snoop Dogg. He launched his first NFT album with gala games and effectively founded the world’s first decentralized music record label. He has already sold over 17000 of the only 25 000 copies available. Because each NFT costs $5,000, Snoop Dogg has at present made a staggering $85 million.

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Gala Games

Gala Games, a blockchain game company, announced on Monday that it will invest $5 billion over the next year to develop its NFT products. The company will begin investing in music, films, and theme park non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Gala Games’ NFT expansion is likely to cost $5 billion, with $2 billion going to gaming. They will set aside a further $1 billion for the studio’s music plans. They will spend another $1 billion on movies, while they will spend the final $1 billion on theme park NFTs.

Gala Games said late last year in December that they had invested a hundred million dollars in their entire ecosystem to expand it as a whole. This only shows that Gala Games is investing more, and not just in one aspect, but in various parts. We’ll go into detail about Snoop Dogg’s strategic investment and how it resulted in the making of Gala Music. The world’s first decentralized record label.

Snoop Tweet

Snoop Dogg

Snoop’s most recent album, B.O.D.R. got released on the blockchain by Gala Games, and all tracks are being sold as NFTs. We can find these track NFTs in what they call “Stash Box NFTs”. These boxes are available only for a short period. They will invite fans who collect all 17 different track NFTs to Snoop’s private concerts. Fans will also receive a limited edition custom commemorative chain and ongoing VIP membership benefits. Stash boxes cost $5 000. There are only 25 000 available, and Snoop Dogg has already sold 17 of them totaling $85 million.

Going to the Gala Music page dedicated to Snoop Dogg’s new blockchain NFT album, you can find a sample clip of one of his tracks. There is furthermore a 30-second clip from Snoop explaining what we can find in the Stash Box when people purchase it. You’ll also recognize a photo of a limited edition chain that’s up for grabs. Snoop Dogg first rebuilt his real-life mansion in The Sandbox Metaverse, and now he is using Gala Games to launch his first NFT through the Gala Music strategic partnership.

Music NFTs are unquestionably significant, not only for the Gala Games ecosystem but for the entire music industry entering the blockchain era. This will also convey the masses to them. We are all aware of how powerful and enduring music is.

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